Fair organization is a complicated procedure compilation which involves many important desicions pre-event, during the event and post-event.In order to meet the desires and needs of the participants determining the time, venue of the exhibition are two most important pre-event considerations. To achieve a successful event professional organizers analyzes these factors regarding the demand of the markets and potential suppliers for the market. Failure to achieve a successful analysis may result serious financial and reliability failure.

Our company forms strong business relations with highly effective and efficient exhibition organizers to present its clients profitable exhibitions full of opportunities.

Making the right research for the right sector gives us the capability of presenting our clients the right exhibitions. We spend our efforts to guide the main organizer making the right publicity and promotional activities in order to make the exhibition a success. Our role in this procedure is giving the right support and guidance to the main organizer.

We deal with registration, catalogue entry, catalogue advertising processes before the exhibition. During the exhibiton we provide translator and guide services to our clients if they need them as well as extra stand equipment. Exhibitor passes and invitations are also supplied by ICF.

Exhibitors must make a through research and planning before the exhibition if they want to experience a succesful marketing event at the exhibition. At this stage our company also provides consultation services sharing its know-how with its clients.

Our services include to follow clodesly the sector of the exhibition, to bond with associations and government institutes related to the exhibitons in order to maintain a successfl trouble free event. Guiding the promoting efforts of the exhibition, making ad campaigns suited to the sector creating ideas and actions to promote the exhibition are all part of the pre-event services we provide.

Post-event services include the follow-up on the tranportation, procedures and documents filed to the government in order to utilize the subsidies the government offers.