Exhibition stand is like a business card for the companies. With its size and design it reflect the product,brand and company identity. Therefore it must be as flawless as it can be. It should reach out to the visitor audio-visually and psychologically. In order to get attention from the visitors in an exhibition a company must have a good stand.


  • Can be impressive without being exaggerative.
  • Can be modest without looking poor.
  • Can be inviting without being screaming.
  • Can feature the products without repelling.
  • Can be an activity center without being a circus.

Stands are made in 4 basic categories:

  • Schell-scheme Stands: Main organizer determines the basic needs and design according to the general atmosphere and structure of the exhibition which will include stand panels, carpet, lighting, table, chairs, fascia board for the name of the company etc.
  • Special Design Stands: The exhibitor will determine the design, size, equipment of its stand according to its needs and objectives.
  • Modular Stands: Changeable, flexible stand design. Can be applied with different variations and installations. Formed of parts which are easily assembled for any purposes.
  • Second Story Enabled Stands: Especially in the exhibitons where space becomes a problem second story enabled stands becomes useful to increase the area available for use.

Our company with the expertise and know-how mentioned in the lines above can provide stand services to its clients via solution partners.