In modern global economy there is a very fierce competition in every market around the world. In this competition the leadership which came by production lost its place to the leadership which came by success in marketing and promoting.

MEGEP - Ankara/2008

Globalization of economy, incredible advances in information technologies and improvement of manufacturing processes made it possible to clone the production techniques and manufacturing means in a very efficient and fast way around the world. As soon as a company develops a manufacturing method more efficient than the others it becemoes the industry standard instantly.

In this fast paced world of economy, companies which are able to create a different place and value in the minds of consumers can gain and maintain a profitable market share. At this point the marketing and promoting efforts made by the companies become invaluable. Participating in international trade fairs has become one of the best tools in order to achieve a successful marketing and promoting campaign. Exhibitions present the opportunities for B2B interactions, direct sales and promoting.

ICF Fairs & Org. was founded by experienced professionals in order to present these advantages to its clients and support them in becoming a serious actor in this one worldwide stage. Promoting and marketing effective international trade fairs create the opportunity for its customers to widen their financial horizons.

ICF was founded in 2009. Since its foundation the company undertook the exclusive sales agent role of different trade fairs in Middle East (Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia), the Balkans (Serbia), Russia and Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Nigeria).

ICF, will coninue in its activities to meet its clients with potential customers all around the world while maintaining its ethical core and responsibilities.